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Chic Studios has two fully equipped studios for the various activities one of which is located on the rooftop.

We have a team of professional teachers, all trained in good schools in their area, all different, each with their own characteristics. Together we offer various activities for the local community, for students who want to try it out as well as for guests, within different timetables from 7.30 am to 9 pm weekly to meet the needs of all who visit us within a calm and relaxing environment.


System of exercises to develop posture alignment, postural awareness, flexibility and stretching of muscles and stress relief. 5 Lesson pack – 40€ 1 class –

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Private Lessons

Dance | Yoga | Pylates Individual or small group classes adapted to specific purposes and different availabilities with a focused follow-up by the teacher. Class

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Combination of ancient practices that includes postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation to promote balance of body and mind. 5 Lesson pack – 40€ 1 class

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Did you know that Chic has a rooftop?

Yes, with swimming pool, sunroom, and Yoga studio.